The grand tour will be ready soon.... in the mean time, here are some basics....

The Action Switchboard is a platform that helps activists find each other, come up with direct action ideas, and get the resources they need to pull them off.

Sometimes we need mass protests to make our point. We love that kind of activism, and it’s important. But we can’t all get out in the streets together every single day. Ongoing, sustained creative actions are vital for keeping movements strong in between the big moments when we take to the streets. That's exactly why we built the Action Switchboard. Here's how it works:

A/S Schemes

We call actions on the Action Switchboard “Schemes,” mostly to remind all of us that we need to keep having fun while we do this important work together!  All of the Schemes are connected to specific Issues and Goals, so you can easily find Schemes that you care about.  Once you’ve registered, you can request to join existing Schemes, start one of your own, or follow a Scheme’s public updates.

A/S Scheme Pages

Your Scheme page is where you tell the world what you’re up to, and get the resources you need to make it happen. Kind of like Kickstarter, but for creative direct actions! Inside your Scheme page, you can communicate with the rest of your team, and make public announcements that will be sent to everyone who follows your Scheme’s progress.

Coordinating on A/S

If you’re a skilled organizer who wants to help coordinate a large group to do a bunch of ongoing Schemes together around a particular goal or issue area, please contact us! We have special Outreach pages you can use to spread the word and raise money for your effort. Then, you can host large-scale conference calls where you work with your team to develop ongoing, sustained actions around your Goals. You can also run your own newsletter for your group.

A/S Facilitators

Here’s what’s really cool about the Switchboard. It isn’t just a platform for you to use all alone. Sure, if you already have a full team and idea, please do your thing! But, if you need help connecting with, say, a videographer in Omaha, a Switchboard Facilitator can help you out. We have a database of people who want to help, and they’ve already told us where they are and what they’re good at…. so we can help connect you to what you need!  We are also using  @ASdotnet and the A/S Facebook community page to connect you to each other, so follow those too!

Getting help for your Scheme

While we intend for the A/S community to share with each other and participate in each others’ Schemes freely, we know that sometimes you need to work with someone who has specific expertise. You can use some of the money that you raise for your Scheme to work more hands-on with a Facilitator.  Facilitators are members of the A/S community who have demonstrated that they have the skills to support you.