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How do I create a scheme on the Action Switchboard?

Creating a scheme on the Action Switchboard is pretty easy–coming up with the idea is the hard part. Once you've jumped that hurdle, you will be thoroughly guided through the process of putting a scheme together on the site. See the steps below so that you can have an idea of what to prepare beforehand:

Step 1: Scheme Name

You should pick a name for your scheme that will catch peoples' attention!


Ever wanted to take direct action around something you care about? Ever wanted to make mischief, but not just for the hell of it? (You know, like making a prank call or putting a bag of poo on a bad man's doorstep, but with a point—maybe even a revolutionary one?)

Scheme Donation Page Text


  • Path: Administer > CiviContribute  > Manage Contribution Pages > Scheme Donation Page > Configure > Title and Settings