Hi there! We’re the Yes Men.

You may have heard of us: over the last two decades, we've pulled off a slew of funny actions drawing unwelcome attention to the big meanies of our society. Sometimes we've made a huge splash; other times not so much. But through it all, we've learned a lot of lessons about putting egg on the face of the bad guys. We want to help you do it too.

The Incubator is our 8-week online workshop that will take you through a fun, creative process to come up with a great media action—and then pull it off. You will be part of a community of activists working through the nuts and bolts of designing and executing actions together, with guidance from veterans—people we've worked with to pull off our best shenanigans.

It's a training—but one in which everyone collaborates on one or more real-life media actions. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and play in the mud with us, the Incubator is for you.

For organizations: Send us your people, and we’ll collaborate with you to develop attention-grabbing actions that target your goals. You’ll also build your organization's network, with the community of activists participating in the Incubator at the same time.

For individuals: Join the Incubator if you want to work on developing your own idea for an action…. or just to learn the ropes by participating in the actions that are being executed by the rest of the Incubator community. Either way, you’ll have tons of fun and be part of creating real actions!

The Incubator's 8-week process—involving a combination of conference calls, online forums, and personalized assistance from our team of facilitators—helps you:

  • Concoct and hone your idea
  • Get the co-conspirators and resources you need to pull it off
  • Get the story of your action out to the public through a kick-ass media strategy

We know that the best way to build a stronger, more tight-knit, and more effective movement is to train creative, media-savvy activists and make sure they stay connected—which is what the Incubator is all about. Let’s make some seriously meaningful mischief together!

We are no longer accepting applications for Incubator Summer 2015.