Before the UN Climate Talks in Lima, the New York Times told us that “at stake now is the difference between a newly unpleasant world and an uninhabitable one.” But at recent COP20 talks in Lima, the world's governments chose the latter, offering the world not solutions but rather a roadmap to global burning.

Are we really just going to sit by and watch until most species on earth—including our own—go extinct? Or are we going to turn up the heat on our tone-deaf leaders in every way that we can, until they finally realize they have to stand up to the fossil fuel companies, and stop the carbon madness?

Beginning in Janurary, we're inviting the entire People's Climate March network to join us for an ongoing organizing campaign on the Action Switchbaord so we can keep the pressure building.
Join us by entering your name and email address into the form on this page, and we'll invite you to calls and actions as we get started!

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