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We're putting out a call for masses of people to send a special gift to President Obama... A pen!

Join us in sending  pens to Obama urging him to stand up with us against the Keystone XL pipeline. 

He can use the "power of the pen" to reject KXL now, before  Congress keeps attaching this risky pipeline to more bills.

Join us in this simple action and tell Obama to reject Keystone XL!


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Michelle-Kosik's picture

It's unbelievable  how my rights have been stomped all over ,  they've taken my Internet access away ,  yet I'm supposed to go to school and apply for a grant but I have no access to apply for a grant .  I have a disability  and they are aware of my disability but they are not working with to get special schooling with my disability,  i'm not even getting access to the Internet to getting a grant to even start school it's like they're setting me up for failure .  I'm trying my hardest to get educated to get on the Internet however  they're giving me restrictions to be educated to get on the Internet .  But I can't get access to get a grant .  There still hacking me but I'm being punished for being hacked .  There are millions of people out there that have no idea what security is on the Internet but they're not being monitored or hacked or taking away their privileges only I am .  This is an injustice of human rights .  And only mine for some reason .  They should be  punished for victimizing me for five years instead I'm being punished for them victimizing me for being hacked.  How does that make sense ?  Please explain that that's me .