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1) We contact sneaker Factory workers in Pakistan, China, India and Bangladesh.

2) We make a fake corporate sneaker website where we offer consumers the posibility to get in personal contact with plant workers. On the site the corporate company states that they can't pay their employees more because of their stakeholders. By pressing the 'Donate button' sneaker freaks can stimulate global solidarity and personalize their Own Slummdog shoe.

3) The rest under construction....

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Maybe this essay will help?


The only relevant purpose for having a minimum wage is to establish a baseline from which an actual living wage may be built.  The purpose of such a scale being to reward people for our contributions to society.  And since greed will remain a temptation for as long as we use money - the richest people in the world only had thousand of dollars when they were royalty during feudalism, became millionaires when they were entrepreneurs who held monopolies in the 19th and 20th centuries, and are now billionaires in an age where the average person is only considered to be a consumer that must be drained of its assets on a daily basis - each factor that applies to any given job needs to be expressed in a percentage so it may keep pace with inflation.

The following is by no means a complete list, and no exact percentages have been designated because what people get paid is an issue that effects everyone, so should therefore be determined by all of us.  In short, it's up to us to decide what we think is fair.  So this essay is merely a conversation starter.  A little boost in the right direction so we can lead ourselves to where we want to be.

As it has been applied so far by the wealthy, the minimum wage is simply a measuring stick for how cheaply labor may be acquired and used, and it causes an economic penis envy between business owners, leading them to relocate their factories and sweatshops to places where the wages are scant.  This is not slavery exactly, but it equates the entire planet to a company store and our entire population to indentured servants.  Large corporations produce everything we use and need.  They set the prices and raise them whenever they want, with the smallest excuse being justification to permanently increase profits.  Because profits are all that matter to them.  As if life can be reduced to mathematics.  This scheme, or scam, is a disservice to just about every intelligent person on Earth.  It keeps a vast majority of our population desperate for prolonged periods - usually our entire lives - and desperate people don't think straight, don't act properly,and commit crimes.

For the average person, every month spent in the Shake Down Theory of Capitalism is a waste of time.  We need to work for at least a week just to pay our rent.  Just to have the right to live in a building that's generally in a state of disrepair.  Another week's labor produces wages to keep our vehicles on the road, put gas in them, and make repairs.  Another week is needed to buy groceries for 30 days and pay our utility bills and prevent our phones and other means of communications from being shut off.  And we never see the fourth week's wages - it's siphoned off by taxes that pay governments that never look out for the best interests of the people they allegedly represent.  It doesn't take a genius to interpret such an existence as a meaningless waste of time, which is a shame since time is one asset we all have in common.  Yet the entitled elitists who are sucking the most benefits out of life are so god damned stingy when it comes to payingthe people who make their magnificent wealth possible that it is not uncommon for there to be a 10,000 to 1 disparity between the incomes of the extra special (the haves) and the seemingly useless and downtrodden (the have-nots).  How this could not be the exact definition of monopolized responsibility that is misconstrued, misdirected, and mistaken is beyond reason.

Such disparity only causes despair for the vast minority that's brainwashed to believe personal responsibility ends with paying the bills and sending the kids to college.  These immoral standards permeate society and make equality impossible.  How else is there to describe one set of laws that's applicable to everyone, only to be subverted whenever the accused has shit-tons of money?  What word other than hypocrisy can be applied to a situation where there are two scales of justice?  Not to mention two scales of access, quality of life, and freedom. 

It seems evident that what we have been instructed to accept as normal is really just ignorance that insults out intelligence, reduces an overwhelming majority of us to disposable assets, and throws away most of our species' brilliance and potential on counterproductive pursuits of individual wealth, prestige, and social standing.

These are all reasons why we need to prevent greedy people from hording decisions that effect everyone else - they obviously cannot be trusted to do anything more than skim off the top while they graciously allow everyone else to wallow in poverty.  Case in point - the minimum wage in America only recently topped seven dollars an hour.  Had it kept up with inflation since its inception, the minimum wage would be somewhere around twenty dollars an hour.  Seven is approximately one-third of twenty.  So, over time, the people who buy and sell our government officials have bent the law so far in their own favor that the fairness and honesty of wages have been crippled.  This when the minimum wage in Australia is seventeen dollars an hour, and their mom and pop shops haven't been forced out of business by large corporations, and they've not had to give billions and billions and billions of dollars to their banking industry to prevent its collapse.

Time is precious, life is short, and standing up for ourselves to demand what we deserve because we work to earn it is an idea whose time has come.


1)  STRESS.  Every job requires a certain amount of skill and technique which can be tedious to acquire.  Jobe also require various levels of patience, including risks to our mental and physical well being.  So, like many other categories, this one deserves to have its own sub-scale.

2)  DISCOVERY AND INVENTION.  Leading us into the future by developing better tools and new technologies, or by expanding our overall level of expertise in any given field, are important contributions that need to be properly compensated.

3)  INSIGHT AND IMAGINATION.  Creative talents improve the lives of others by expanding people's awareness of and appreciation for life.

4)  SKILL LEVEL.  People who are highly accomplished in their fields pass along techniques that improve everyone's productivity. 

5)  DARING.  We have a constant need to try new approaches, develop new technologies, and prove new theories.  The courage it takes to experiment and expand our horizons cannot be underestimated.

6)  SELFLESSNESS.  Putting the greater good ahead of personal advancement is one of our most underutilized attributes.  So more encouragement would seem to be in order so we can motivate people to help others through humanitarian efforts.

7)  EXPERTISE.  Many careers require a great deal of training and education before the tasks involved can be performed to a high standard, so the longer it takes to prepare for a career, the higher the initial salary should be.

8)  TEAMWORK.  More often than not, jobs demand the talents of a few people to achieve success.  Sometimes hundres or thousands of people.  And when natural disasters require a massive response, millions of people.  the greater the cooperation and coordination required, the greater the reward should be.


1)  SENSES.  Our senses guide us through life.  Yet there are lots of jobs that diminish a person's natural abilities.  Sewage workers have their sense of smell abused every day, just like people who work in dog food factories.  Welders need extraordinary protection for their eyesight.  Electricians get zapped about once a month, and glass cutters get sliced just about as often.  Aircraft mechanics near jet engines and steel workers near blast furnaces need excessive earplugs to protect their hearing.  The list could go on and on, so people who are willing to give of themselves to get a job done should get more in return for their sacrifices.

2)  PHYSICAL DEGRADATION.  Our bodies face constant abuse in the course of performing many jobs.  we get worn out and broken down.  Such accumulative debilitation effects our joints and bones as well as our muscles and tendons.  Medical conditions result, like plantar warts in cooks and servers who are constantly on their feet, and arthritis and tendinitis in people who spend large amounts of time on ladders.

3)  IMMOBILITY.  Modern conveniences like telephones and computers allow people to perform tasks from a seated position while using repetitive motions.  This can lead to back problems as well as carpal tunnel syndrome.  It can also cause people to gain weight from their lack of mobility, which is another list of maladies ranging from diabetes to heart disease.

4)  ATHLETICISM.  There are skill sets that are intricate enough to require a great deal of strength and coordination, a generous amount of balance, and a solid center of gravity.  These attributes cannot be taught very easily, so sharing physical gifts should be rewarded.

5)  INDISPENSABILITY.  We undertake intricate projects that impact so many people that they cannot be accomplished without the efforts of many bright assistants.  We also offer each other services that only exist to enhance the enjoyment of life through comfort and pleasure.  These provide an important peace of mind and happiness that are invaluable to society.

6)  CRUNCH TIME.  External factors such as deadlines and celebrations and festivals work to make some jobs much more hectic than they usually are, and when people work twice as hard as usual they should be paid twice as much as usual.  That's simple math.

7)  HEIGHTS.  The higher a person goes on scaffolding or a ladder, the greater the risk of suffering a devastating personal injury.  Add to this our recent ability to work at altitude, including space, where death becomes more likely in the event of an accident, and the increased risks would seem to require their own sub-scale.

8)  DEPTHS.   Many professions offer the possibility of instant death, as happens sometimes when walls fall in on tunnel builders or plumbers, or when sailors fall overboard on ships that cannot turn around just to pluck one person out of the sea.  Plus there are immediate dangers as well as long term effects of constantly going through decompression after using scuba gear.  All of which deserves hazard pay.

9)  MACHINERY.  We operate elevators and lifts, airplanes and aircraft, cranes and dredges, bridges and huge trucks, boats and tractors - all various degrees of massive structures and vehicles that can kill many people if anything goes tragically wrong.  Much care is required by such jobs since they have the potential to effect so many other lives.  Safety must be ensured, and properly compensating people for making sure others stay safe is a great place to start.


1)  EXPOSURE.  Germs, filaments, compounds, fibers, gases, radioactive materials, poisons, and even chemical weapons are dangerous to handle and have seriously long term detrimental effects on our health.  Sometimes we don't fully appreciate the gravity of the situation we're in until it's too late, as happened to Madame Curie, and so many asbestos workers.  We can avoid some of these mistakes by valuing human life more than profits.  At the same time, everyone who faces such risks should be generously compensated for their risks.

2)  SANITATION.  Anything that prevents filth, contamination, and infestation, or increases our quality of life through cleanliness, constitutes an invaluable contribution to our existence.

3)  PRESERVATION.  Everyone suffers loss.  Loved ones pass.  Cherished homes burn to the ground or get flooded out of usefulness.  Events beyond our control take away things we depend on for peace of mind.  So people who dedicate themselves to reducing or eliminating the pain we feel should be constantly reminded that their efforts are greatly appreciated.

4)  LIABILITY.  We sometimes give more of ourselves than we intend to at work, often with irreparable consequences.  So anyone diminished by tragedies should benefit from guarantees from society that we will be taken care of for the rest of our lives so we do not become burdens on our families.


1)  IMPACT ON YOUTH.  Each new generation represents a higher rung climbed on humanity's ladder of evolution.  The care, education, general well being, and health of our children ar therefore fundamental requirements of intelligent evolution.

2)  IMPACT ON INTELLIGENCE.  Intelligent civilizations aggressively expand their fact-base, cultivating smarter citizens by sharing pertinent information that increases everyone's appreciation for life.

3)  IMPACT ON EVOLUTION.  Developing well thought out plans for out future transform our good intentions into species oriented goals that benefit everyone and shape our destiny.

4)  IMPACT ON ECOLOGY.  Repairing the damage we have selfishly inflicted on the environment we depend on for survival and maintaining a sustainable way of living will remain a high priority for as long as we need to live on Earth.  This might last for another million years, until dogs or dolphins are ready to evolve to the point we have recently reached... the realization of their place in the universe.

5)  IMPACT ON HEALTH.  Mankind is almost certainly the most infectious species currently investigating space since we're faced with hundreds of diseases that have developed specialized ways of attacking us and breaking us down.  So the people who treat our injuries and cure our maladies should be held in the highest esteem.

6)  IMPACT ON SAFETY.  We have only recently begun to improve conditions in the workplace.  The importance of careful efforts made in this direction make life easier for all of us.

7)  IMPACT ON COMFORT.  We all deserved to be treated well.  Pampered here and there to help us relax.  We certainly do not deserve to be disregarded if we are born infirm or rendered  less stable by deceitful governments that have consistently and intentionally under-mind us.  So those of us who care for the stricken are among the bravest and strongest alive , just as those who attend to our needs whenever we cannot or temporarily will not do it ourselves are among the most indispensable.

8)  IMPACT ON HAPPINESS.  We could all use a few more laughs, a few more smiles, a few more dances.  A few more cheers, a few more stories, and a few more songs.  It makes us feel good about being alive.  Meaning anyone who increases our ability to emote and empathize while improving our understanding of and appreciation for life provide imaginative contributions to mankind's overll level of consciousness.