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Every state boasts welcome centers full of colorful literature promoting fun local attractions for tourists to indulge in. We will create a "pop-up" welcome center that provides visitors with flashy flyers and maps that tell of the not-so-nice things in the state they’re visiting.

Brochures designed to appear as lighthearted as a zipline advertisement or state park hiking map instead educate about local environmental disasters, villainous companies, crooked politicians, labor violations... any struggle particular to the region.

While lots of participants will covertly drop these flyers into racks at their local rest areas and visitor centers, some will pose as tourist-bureau representatives. With simple branding, warm smiles, and free cups of coffee they strike up conversations (for hidden cameras) and tell visitors how they simply must see the site of the Conestoga Massacre, explore the ruins of a once-thriving business that moved overseas to dodge taxes, or grab a Bobtown pizza courtesy of Chevron (etc., etc.). Local groups and organizations will partner to generate content, contributing to a patchwork of i

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