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About the Scheme

Greedy oil and gas companies are trying to entice investors into sinking more money into a dying venture. The reality is that oil prices are falling and people are rising up to defend their communities from fracking, pipelines, refineries and all sorts of nasty fossil fuel infrastructure.

Building on Flood Wall Street, we’ve concocted a scheme based around the theme: “A Perfect Storm: Oil Prices Falling, People Rising.” Our perfect storm will overwhelm a major energy corporation’s annual investor meeting the second week of February in New York City. Combining street protest with art and song, we will send a message to these dirty energy stakeholders that fossil fuels are completely washed up and sustainable energy is the coming tidal wave of investment. For those who are interested in something more adventurous, we will also have an 'inside' theatrical and disruptive component as well.


  • Between now and February 7th: We will have a series of conference calls to prepare for the day of action. Participation in all of the calls is not required. We will provide a schedule of calls to all scheme members after you join the scheme.
  • Week of February 2nd: Artists will gather to make puppets and signs for the action
  • February 8th: MANDATORY rehearsal day to go over the plan and make sure everyone is ready!
  • February 9th: Day of Action!


  • Here’s what we need inside the meeting:
    • Videographers: 2-4 people inside the event dedicated to shooting video. If you have a digital camera, great! A decent camera phone and a steady hand will also suffice.
    • Corporate Impersonators: 2 brave people willing to impersonate a conference attendee in order to get inside.
    • Disrupters: as many people as possible willing to stand up and say/do something disruptive during meeting.
  • Here’s what we need outside the meeting:
    • 50 (or more) people to hold signs, banners, and all manner of art and sing songs
  • Here’s what we need to prepare and pull off the action:
    • A space that can hold 50+ people that we can use all day on February 8th to prepare for the action
    • A songwriter who can write and lead us all in one or more fun musical numbers
    • People to make the signs, banners, and art we will hold. One person who can organize all of the artists some time during the week of February 2nd to spend a day or evening making the art
    • Experienced trainers who can help us run a training on Feb 8th to prepare everyone for the action
    • People comfortable with fielding press requests, writing press releases, and handling PR in general
    • Video editor who can assist with creating a video of the action to post on social media

How to join us

  • To join us as a full participant, please register for the Action Switchboard. Once logged in, go to our scheme page and click on the "Request Membership" button at the top of the page, to the right of the scheme name.
  • To help spread the word, please register for the Action Switchboard. Once logged in, go to our scheme page and click on the "Follow Scheme" button at the top of the page, to the right of the scheme name. All followers will receive important updates on the day of the event, and you can help us spread the word on social media!
  • To donate funds, you do not need to register; simply click "Donate Funds."

Public Comments About this Scheme

deliriacentral's picture

One strategy I've been trying to promote is a strike against various industries on various days.  Two of these play into your scheme - not buying gas one day of the week (with BP as the primary target because they poisoned the Gulf of Mexico after their Deepwater Horizon blew up) and sleeping over with friends or family one night a week while shutting off lights and turning down the heat or AC to prove to energy companies that we very well may need them right now, but only half as much as they think we do.


Just trying to help.