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This is a bedtime story told by David Koch to his granddaughter. Every night, Koch must find a way to convince himself that he is creating a safer, brighter, better world for her. Finally, we know how evil industry owners like the Koch Brothers are able to go to sleep at night.

I am writing this story/producing this video as a way of making activism more accessible to those who might ordinarily avoid outright protesting. The project is essentially Internet-based and is broadly tied to efforts such as BoycottKoch all the way up to initiatives by Greenpeace (though not affiliated with either of those). What this project can hopefully accomplish is spreading discourse about broken capitalism and do so in a format intended to be accessed people with a variety of investments in activism.

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Please let me know if any video help is needed re: gear - production assisstance etc.   Check my bio and let me know if I can help..